Top 10 Coins Of Web 3.0 To Best Investment
Friends, today we are going to talk to you about the top 10 coins of web 3.0

That is, in the coming time when the trend of web3 will go on, the way in which the trend of Metaverse is going,

 then whatever tokens and coins are related to it, all of them got a good return. 

Meaning the coins which were getting very cheap were sold at a much more expensive price.

In the same way, the trend of web3 will come. Today we are going to talk about the coin related to it, which is the top 10 coins. 

And whenever the time of web3 comes, then you will get the biggest jump in all these works. To know about all those coins and start the video.

Friends, I am Ajay and today I am going to talk to you which are the top 10 WEB 3.0 coins. 

In this, we have decided the serial, the meaning will go from cheap to expensive

because what happens to many people is that they want cheap coins in the same category. 

Means want to buy more quantity at less price. So I'll go from lowest price to high price here.

The one who is number ten will be the most expensive and the one who is number one is the cheapest. The name of the first coin here is

Bit Torrent

You will remember that there used to be a torrent website from where people used to download a lot of things. 

So they have made their own token for that and when you use BitTorrent, you get the token. 

And what is BitTorrent is a token to start in Web 3.0 and the price is 0.003$.

The performance right now may be fine as I see it is starting to appear in the list of top gainers of Binance 
Talking about Next, their name for Next is 


And VET has very good use in web 3.0 right now. Whatever product you use, its complete A to Z history will be known through VET 

Meaning, when the pizza you are eating is ready, when the dough was made, where did it reach, how much price was received, 

all these details come under VET, so it is very important here, now it is available at a much lower price. Used to be. So that's a pretty good coin. After that, the next coin is


Graph means index means anything when we keep. 

Meaning which files where we have kept the index of all those things. So here this graph will come into use and it is the token of web 3.0 itself. 

Right now its price is less than $1. A good entry is a coin worth taking at this time.

After this, if we talk about the next token, then it is 


What is it that Ocean will provide?
the storage you need for whatever data you want to store, so here it will also have a use case when it will come into the Web 3.0 market.
Now talking about the next coin, the next coin is 


Polka dot has many use cases and one of them would be useful for web 3.0 as well. 

Because polka-dot is a blockchain on which many new tokens are developed. Which use Kosama's blockchain and Kosama is also in web 3.0

But we haven't got Kosama yet because his father is sitting here with a polka dot.

Kosama is a rough paper. When any token is launched, it is tested on Kosama, then after that, it is launched on the main polka-dot
After that, the next coin is 


which is its use and the second is a token, so their use case is that they provide the network. 

Meaning you can see where the world is going to go from where and one thing is going to be decentralized. 

Meaning the network that will provide here will get helium done. And the videos of all the topics about which we are telling you are coming up.

On whichever topic you want to watch the video, it is all coming up. 

So by the time we made the last recently made a video about Dent, its use case was not the same.

But now after the arrival of web 3.0, the way HNT will increase in the same way, what does it mean, 


if we focus on the dent, then the answer is no, those who have already should hold it and those who do not have the option HNT Because it's a little update.

After that, the next thing is the next coin, the way Axie has been number one in the Metaverse, in the same way, there is a chance of ICP. 

Axie Infinity 

Because of the price at which it was launched, many people got trapped in it and the condition which is present now is very bad.The next coin in this is


It also has a use case for data storage that it will provide storage for. 

The next coin after that is in this same category. Meaning all the tokens that are coming are working on data storage.

The main job in web 3.0 is to secure your data and to create your privacy, 

so here they have written in the tagline of their website that our job is to protect your data.

So this is the use case of Airwave. So this is the top 10 coin if you want to buy in starting then BTT is everyone's favourite coin.

From there you can go to the Air web whichever you like.

And do not give money to anyone in my name and use dollar-cost averaging in all the tokens that are there,

do not invest money right away, have to invest slowly. And the potential they have will not be visible immediately, 

you will have to leave them for a few days and then you will see good returns

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