How to remotely access and control your Mac from any device and location via Internet

In this Post I show you how to use your Macbook over the Internet

You'll first need to set up your Mac for Screen Sharing. Open the "Sharing" preference panel and check the box next to "Screen Sharing."

Next step you need to setup Manually choose a static IP address for your network MAC Click and click Advanced DNS to enter the IP address field DNS Server address

Click Enter Address Then Click Add Button And Address You Should Also Next Enter TCP Port 5900 To The Router By Browsing The IP Address Of The Router Through The Web Browser On The Router To Allow Remote Connection To The Internet From Your Mac In The Local Network arrive named

For example enter 5900 in both the Mac public port box and the Private port box Enter your MAC IP address in the Private IP box. DDNS is an easy way to refer to your Mac with an easily rememberable name where the server IP address changes. is likely to

Dynu DNS is a free service that will point a DNS to your IP. oice download dynu ip update client and click it and dynu logo and that is located in the same box after you double click "application"

Drag the Dynu icon into the "Applications" folder, drag the Dynu icon to the Applications folder, hold over Install, Open it, and click the Open Anyway button in the Security & Privacy preferences to give you an exception for the blocked app.

You will be prompted to login enter your Dynu username and password. The 'Activity' tab displays information about IP address updates progressively. By default, IP address detection occurs every 120 seconds.

You can also initiate an IP update by clicking the 'Save' button. Now you can access your Mac over the Internet. VNC Viewer requires installation, but you need to sign up for an account to use it. Not there

Enter the information obtained from the previous installation steps You can follow the steps above to configure the IP Update client to run at system startup Click Open System Preferences Click on User & Groups Login Items Click on the Lock Icon

and enter your admin password find the application you want to auto-start once you select dynu ip update client click on add button

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