how to make virtual server using vmware

how to make virtual server using vmware,

he has a levin first you need to create a custom es11 image install all power cli modules run command module install VMware.

Power CLI If you see a warning that you are installing a module from an untrusted repository press Y and then press Enter to confirm the installation Powershell Execution Policy from Restricted to Unrestricted to allow you local powershell scripts will have to be set.

Essa Customizer PS is a powershell script that greatly simplifies and automates the process of creating complete patches and customized ds-11 installation iso using VMware power cli Essa Customizer PS,

There is a powershell script that you launch from within the Powershell Laura Power CLI console window to accept various command line options, one of them is help which will display this help screen Here is a list of those packages

which you can choose the right one for your computer in this video i choose two package one for nick driver and one for hard drive with solder connector you will follow above command find this command in description of video and Here is your resulting ISO file

Next you use rufus tool to create an es11 installer next step you install es11 on the target computer since this is a fresh installation of es11 select install in the following screen choose the disk where you want to install s11 want to

Confirm that you are ready to start the installation process The installation process takes a few minutes after that 11 is installed, you will get the following screen where you can find the ip address of es 11 At this point you create a virtual server as usual are

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