How to Build a Print Server From Old Computer and Laptop

I show you How to Build a Print Server From Old Computer and Laptop You need to install a lighter weight version of Ubuntu on your PC first thing

Download Xubuntu and create a bootable usb drive Once your computer reboots into your usb drive the computer first boot, when you trying to load the Xubuntu installer

You will be given the option to choose between installing Xubuntu and it may take a few seconds when it starts up you will be ready to install Xubuntu

Will ask for your preferred language if there is nothing on your hard drive, or you are ready to clean it and start with Xubuntu, wipe disk and check Xubuntu,

And press Install Now Tell Xubuntu You are ready then fill in your name, username, computer name, and your password in the fields for your user account as you set the time zone Xubuntu itself on your computer when it be fulfilled

You will see a message notifying you that the install was successful Press Reboot Now to reboot into your new Xubuntu install Install Printer Drivers on Linux Next Install Different depending on the type of printer you use There will be different settings.

In this video, I use Canon LPB 2900 Printer In this video, I use Canon LPB 2900 printer After installing the printer driver, you set up the CUPS print server

The job of a print server is to accept print requests from multiple machines, process those requests, and then send them to a specified printer to serve those requests. CUPS is a utility designed for the Linux operating system.

Which can turn a regular computer system into a print server Then configure the Cups print server by running the following command in terminal Here, there will be an entry titled, "Listen to localhost:631" Change it to "Port 631" Here you will see "Browsing stopped" There will be an entry titled.

Change it to "Browsing On" "Browsing Off". Change it to "Browsing On." Finally, find the "Restrict access to admin pages" section and make the necessary modifications to this section Save the Cups Sprint server configuration file and exit the text editor by pressing Ctrl+x Next step Enable the Cups Print service To do

Then restart the cups print service now you can create windows to print to a cups printer on the network next navigate to your cups host on your windows machine click on the printer you installed earlier next open the printer settings now by name Select a shared printer.

Select the option and type the URL you had before Now Windows asks which driver to use See also printers listed with other printers As always.

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