Android 2.3 version is so old Google stop this services in your smartphone update Now
Are you using old Android smartphone based on 2.3 version ? If yes, then there's bad news for you. From today,

services like Google Map, YouTube, Gmail will pack up in your phone. Talking about the rationale behind this, Google Maps, YouTube and Google Calendar won't be ready to be used on smartphones that run on Android version 2.3 version. In such a situation, if you would like to use these services, then you'll need to update to Android 3.

Gmail, Youtube and Google are going to be closed forever:

Google believes that the Android 2.3 version is now too old because now Android 12 is close to be launched. In such a situation, the danger of knowledge leak of users on this old version has also increased. This is the rationale why the corporate has decided to prevent Gmail, Youtube and Google on this version. This simply means if you're using Android 2.3 version till now

 then from today you'll not be given Gmail, Youtube and Google services. Let us know that if your phone works on Android 3.0 or above, then you'll get the advantage of these services.

 Android 2.3 Version 

What to try to to users using Android 2.3 version:

If you're still using Android 2.3 version then you'll need move to Android 3. Only by doing this may you be ready to use YouTube, Gmail and, Google

At an equivalent time, if you're unable to upgrade to the updated version, then you would like to shop for a replacement smartphone. If you would like , you'll also buy a smartphone with a coffee price

Nowadays there are many smartphones within the market which are available with updated versions at low cost.

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